5 ways to lose weight

5 Ways to lose weight in an effective way

Before we discuss the practical natural tips thoroughly to lose weight, the concept of weight loss should be cleared. Whenever someone says about weight loss, what comes to your mind?. You might think that to reduce weight properly, you have to reduce the intake of your diet. But the question that takes place is what kind of diet? No change will occur if you keep eating food containing many fats and leave eating such food that provides strength and nutrition to your body.

Similarly, If one makes a diet plan in which he eats very little and drinks a lot of water instead, no weight will be lost because the importance of water in the body will increase. Thus, if one desires to find ways to lose weight in an effective way, he must know the practical tips and what kind of weight he needs to lose, such as belly weight, neck weight, muscle weight, fat weight, and water weight.

Consulting a doctor for weight loss may be recommended in some cases. There are some natural and effective ways to lose weight too.

What Diseases Take Place Due to Overweight?

Due to the accumulation of fats in your body, obesity takes place. It is not a particular disease but a medical problem that leads to many diseases such as Heart attack, other heart problems, Diabetes, Hypertension, etc.

Research from The Centre Of Disease Control And Prevention shows that in 2015-2016 about 93.3 million adults were suffering from obesity in the United States. Thus, to prevent yourself from such diseases, you should consult your doctor and work on the natural tips to lose weight.

5 Natural Tips To Lose Weight In An Effective Way

Nowadays, we can find many popular ways to lose weight. Some people are on a diet, and others exercise daily and with a proper routine. People prefer to lose weight by using natural tips instead of pills or other medications. Therefore, in this article, you will

find the best tips to lose weight naturally.

1.    Make A Diet Chart For Weight loss.

Diet has a significant impact on managing the weight of the body. A proper and healthy diet full of nutrition can average weight and strength. Thus, there should be an appropriate chart of diet for weight loss.

Drink Lemon Water

Lemon is a natural product that is very beneficial for health since it contains a variety of vitamins. Many nutritions admit that lemon is the best way to lose weight. Lemons improve the function of the gastroenteric tract and play a vital role in restoring the minerals inside the body. Except for weight loss, lemon water is also very beneficial for other activities in the body. Thus, one shall keep drinking lemon water even after attaining a suitable weight.

Keep and mind that you should always use lemon mixed with water. Taking lemon alone can be dangerous for your health, affecting your kidneys.

Apple Cider vinegar

There are essential elements in apple cider vinegar that affect the nervous and digestive systems in a very positive way. It plays an important role in stimulating metabolic processes. By drinking a glass of water that contains one or two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar, before 30 minutes of food.

After eating a meal, one should avoid drinking apple cider vinegar as there are chances for your nutritive process to be affected badly.

Drink Green Tea

Drinking green tea can be a significant part of the diet chart for weight loss. Green tea is a very beneficial old drink that serves as a great drink to stabilize blood sugar and the digestive system. Green Tea provides protection against many diseases and keeps you healthy. Hence, you can have a slim physique with the help of Green Tea.

Green tea is very beneficial in burning fat by freeing it from fat cells. It is an excellent suggestion to have almost five cups of green tea to stay fresh.

Eat Grapes

The grape can help you lose weight, especially when you are at risk of diabetes. According to modern research, it has been stated that grapes contain a special kind of chemical compound known as resveratrol. It improves metabolism, increases the level of energy, and plays a vital role in the body to metabolize fatty acids.

Thus it would help to keep grapes in your diet chart for weight loss.

An Apple Per Day

Eating an apple per day can also help reduce weight because it contains pectin fiber in a rich amount that slowly breaks down inside the body. It plays a vital role in the burning of fat. Thus, a reduction of weight takes place.

2. Daily Exercises

Doing exercises daily is the best way to lose weight. If you make a planner for your daily routine and a diet chart for weight loss, you will be able to shed pounds of weight quickly and correctly. It is understandable that finding the motivation and strength to join a gym becomes so hard sometimes. But in the case of losing weight, one needs to be motivated and start training to find out the most outstanding results.

Along with weight loss, exercise also has many other benefits, such as it reduces your stress and makes you physically and mentally strong. Followings are the practical exercises included in natural tips to lose weight.


Walking is considered a great and simple exercise for weight loss. If one desires to stay physically active and fit, then he should make a proper walking schedule. There is minimal risk of injury in walking along with it is easily affordable to those who are not addicted to exercise. You can say that it is the best way to start up a proper exercise plan. Moreover, it doesn’t require any special skills or any tool to perform this kind of exercise.


Cycling is considered one of the most effective exercises to lose weight. Cycling is not only limited to making you lose weight. But also it helps in burning maximum calories. It fills the criteria through which you reduce your overall body mass.

There are two ways of cycling, either outdoors on your regular bicycle or a stationary bike at the gym. Both are very effective and act as the best way to lose weight.

Weight Training

This exercise makes your muscles stronger and boosts Your metabolism. While lifting a heavyweight, one needs to provide full strength, which causes sweating. As we know that sweating is a process through which many salts dissipate from the body. Also, it reduces the fat layers from the skin and thus reduces fats from the body. It burns calories while you are exercising. Complete a strength training or weight training routine at least twice a week.

Interval Training

Interval training helps a lot in losing weight with a proper diet plan. With the help of interval training, you can burn the fats from your body and lose weight efficiently and effectively.

3. Avoid Fatty Food

They are some special kind of food that contains many fats. As a result, your body gains weight due to the uptake of such foods. Thus, it is suggested to avoid such foods to lose weight.


Eggs are one of the healthiest muscle-building foods on the planet. They are responsible for providing a massive amount of high-quality proteins and fats. The significant number of fats will increase the fatty layer inside the body. If you want to lose weight, you should not use eggs a lot.

French Fries

Most people like french fries, and it is easy for them to eat many fries at a time. Fried roasted or baked potatoes might contain a substance responsible for cancer. But it is different in the case of boiled potatoes. Boiled potatoes are healthy, and they don’t play any role in increasing weight.

Bakery products

The products of bakeries are responsible for increasing the amount of fat and cholesterol inside the body. They contain sugar, refined flour, and other artificial trans fats. These are very harmful and keep you away from effectively losing weight.


One who desires to lose weight should avoid some alcohol, especially beer. The reason behind this is beer contains more calories than proteins and carbs. Well, there are two cases, if you drink alcohol (wine) at a moderate rate, it is practical to lose weight. While on the other hand, heavy drinks (beer) are associated with weight gain.

Drinks With High Calories

Coffee, tea, and other drinks contain an essential biological active substance called caffeine. Due to the presence of caffeine, it is a bit hard to lose weight correctly. However, uptake of black coffee in limited amounts helps lose weight.

4. Stay Hydrated

Whenever you plan to lose weight, you must hear a phrase saying drink more water to lose more weight. Now the question takes place, does water very help you lose weight? The brief and straightforward answer to this most asking question is yes.

Water boosts Your metabolism and cleanses your body through the process of urination in which dissolved salts are included. Hence, it helps to drop those extra pounds of water weight which are responsible for your extra weight.

Besides losing weight, water is also essential for the whole body. It aids digestion and promotes the normal function of many body organs, including the liver.

5. Fasting For Weight Loss

Intermediate fasting is considered the best way to lose weight naturally. It is not a diet plan but a life change. There are many types of intermediate fasting, but we will discuss three common types here.

16:8 Intermediate Fasting for Weight loss

In this kind of intermediate fasting, you have to fast for 16 hours and eat for the remaining 8 hours. In those 8 hours, you have to keep a diet chart to lose weight because if you keep eating fatty food in those 8 hours, you will not be able to get effective results. Thus you need to balance your diet if you desire to fast for weight loss.

Eat-Stop-Eat Intermediate Fasting

Eat-stop-Eat intermediate fasting allows you to fast for days a week. In the five days when you are allowed to eat, there’s a need to keep a balanced ratio in the macronutrient food. Both days should be nonconsecutive.

5:2 Intermediate Fasting

5:2 rule is the intermediate fasting rule in which, on nonconsecutive days, you eat Limited calories such as burn 500 to 600 calories per day. For another five days of the week, you need to balance your calories by burning 1200 to 1500 calories per day.


All the tips will help you lose weight naturally without using any artificial source. While using these tips, you need to make a proper routine of your diet which you have to carry throughout your life. After reaching your desirable weight, you should not stop working on such tips. However, you can increase the amount of heavy food to a limit according to the requirement. Such natural tips to lose weight are also factors to living a healthy and fit life.

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