Health influences your wealth

How your health influences your wealth?

“Your health determines your wealth” these words appeared in the book of financial journalist Kelvin Boston who wrote about the relationship between economic, physical, and financial positions.  The physical position is a person’s ability to make a living as well as some investments. It is seen that healthy people have high life expectancies which give it more chance for their investments to grow. On the contrary, people not in good health often face wealth-draining effects of sickness, disability, or even death including high medical bills, lack of productivity, and continuous draining of wealth. In this article, we will discuss how health influences your wealth in various ways.

In this article, we will discuss how health influences your wealth in various ways.

One of the biggest enemies of your wealth is the long-lasting illness these include hypertension, obesity, and diabetes. According to Kelvin Boston “good health is the best investment you can make and too many people imperil their physical capital by refusing to incorporate healthier changes into their daily lives.” He requests people to take good care of their physical health and especially these long-lasting illnesses that are going to drain their wealth. It is often observed that healthy people have higher life expectancies than those people with health issues. Having a shorter life span means people have less time to generate wealth for their families contrary unlike people with a longer life span.

Relation between health and wealth

Health and wealth are connected in so many ways. Choosing a healthy lifestyle increase your chance of becoming a millionaire according to the book Getting Rich in America: 8 Simple Rule. It is preferable to get constant checkups, start working out, and reduce intake of fats and cholesterol.

There is no secret to saying that a healthy life leads to happiness and prosperity. But how does income affect your health and wellbeing?  Research shows that any country’s GDP depends upon the quality of health care provided to the citizens. Countries providing better health care, freshwater, and better functioning health institutes lead to higher relative income. Below are some of the reasons to convince you why health is your real wealth.

Steps to maintain a good health

·      Sleep well at Night:

Every health care professional tries to put emphasis on a good night’s sleep lasting up to 8 hours but the busy schedule mostly prevents us from fulfilling this requirement. Hectic work routine forces us to get up even before the sun rises and our constant connection with smart devices like laptops, TV screens, or mobile phones make us stare at the bright screens for hours long. Research shows that lack of sleep results in loss of focus and an increase in impulsive behavior which makes your whole productive day useless continuing this behavior will also lead to health issues thus eventually leading to loss of wealth.

·      Nutritious diet:

The normal intake of sugar as per the nutritionist is up to 6 tablespoons for women and 9 for men but an average person consumes more than 20 tablespoons. Excess intake of sugar leads to obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular problems, and other physical health issues. It is also recommended to stay away from things that contain high cholesterol which is why doing a favor on both the arteries as well as your wallet you should switch to healthy protein-enriched food. Vegetables are the best type of food for both health and wealth.

·      Spending on Healthcare:

Spending money on your healthcare is the best investment. “When health is absent, wealth is useless,” advised a Greek philosopher. Following a proper health plan leads to a better life. Choosing organic and healthy food instead of junk stuff might increase a little burden on your wallet but at the end of the day, the health effects are unmatchable. Similarly, unhealthy activities such as smoking, alcohol consumption, and constant hoteling not only depletes your wallet but also cost you your health. Think of the saving you would make if you stopped smoking, drinking cocktails, and alcohol. Cooking healthy and hygienic food in your house will save a lot of money when you look at it in a month.  

·      Low Stress, Better Health:

Stress and depression may look like some mental problems but they eventually result in the weakening of your immune system, anyone who ever caught a cold knows the embarrassment of coughing, blowing your nose, and constant sneezing in the middle of a bunch of people. Stress makes you vulnerable to new viruses and also diverts your attention from work. Long-term stress results in weight gain due to constant eating disorders developed by the stress thus creating a direct impact on your wallet.


Getting proper sleep, doing regular exercise, eating nutritious food, investing in good healthcare, and avoiding a bad lifestyle are the preventive measure one should follow in order to get a healthy lifestyle. Following this kind of lifestyle might be difficult keeping in view the expense of the membership to the gym, and expensive diet plan but the long-term benefits outweigh the cost you pay today. It is better to spend a little more on following these strategies rather than spending a load on health treatments in the future.

People often interpret the future to be after the 50s or 60s but looking at the current scenarios the future might not be too far, high blood pressure, heart diseases are pretty common among young adults in their early 20s and 30s so the cumulative effects of unhealthy life are not far from you.

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